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The definition of Luxury

In the bygone era, luxury was coveted by Kings and Queens. Royalty would seek the best craftsmen within their respective fields to commission a desired object of luxury; whether it be furniture to adorn their private apartments or a clock for their Great Hall.

For the chosen craftsman, creating a unique piece for His or Her Majesty was seen as a mark of unrivalled recognition. This royal seal of approval would elevate the craftsman to the status of master, that would, in turn, grant him commissions and demand abound from the nobility and aristocracy. After all, if the object and artistry in question was fit for a King or Queen, it received unquestioned unanimity.

This concept of traditional luxury resounds throughout Backes & Strauss today. For us, creating a unique timepiece is to draw upon our expertise and historic know-how in horology and in diamonds to capture the discerning taste and individuality of our clients. We consider this to be a true honour and privilege.

Customised Dials
Personalised Engraving
Expert Diamond Sourcing

Create your Bespoke Watch

Royal Berkeley Emperor Tourbillon

Backes & Strauss set out on the challenging task of creating a masterpiece that seamlessly oscillates between a high complication and a jewellery timepiece, in perfect measure. This concept gave fruition to the creation of the unique Berkeley Emperor Tourbillon series. After hundreds of hours of skill and unwavering precision, passing through the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, the Royal Berkeley Emperor Tourbillon joined the pantheon of Backes & Strauss Masterpieces.

Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green

Backes & Strauss presents the Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green timepiece. A unique gift from Gemfields’ Kagem mines in Zambia. The Schist Rock, from which the 245 Zambian green Emeralds have been ethically sourced, are abundant in the trace element chromium, which is responsible for the deep green hues of the stones in this striking ladies’ watch. An exceptional example of the elite craftsmanship vigour in luxury watches at Backes & Strauss, each of the 10 cuts of emeralds have been seamlessly integrated into the Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green for a flowing yet fixed finish on this masterpiece

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